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Assistance et Maintenance Aéroportuaire

Sale and rental of non-powered equipment - Eras

  • Accueil
  • Sale and rental of non-powered equipment

SPS France subsidiary of ERAS, sells, rents and distributes all non-powered equipment:

  • Baggage trolleys
  • Pallet trucks
  • Container trolleys
  • Passenger Stairways
  • Technical step ladders
  • Delivery docks

Design and manufacture according to your specificities (SPS International Design Office).

Cargo dolly 20 ft - Eras GSE
Escalier passager avec panneaux solaires - Eras GSE
Chariot Bagages avec bâche de protection - Eras GSE
Chariot Porte Container - Eras GSE
Container Dolly - Eras GSE
Passenger stairs - Eras GSE