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Push back tractor: Mulag - Eras

Push back tractor: Mulag

Comet 6

Used equipment refurbished


Ideally suited for cargo handling the Comet 6 is extremely versatile :

  • For aircraft push-back tasks with a maximum take-off weight of up to 50 tons
  • In the freight sector, for reliable towing of large loads on pallets and containers …


Extremely robust components and highest comfort result in a powerful all-round towing tractor



Manufacturer : Mulag
Model : Comet 6
Year : 2014
Engine hours : less than 100 h

Engine Deutz diesel
Automatic transmission Allison
Hydraulic steering system
Front axle for driving and braking leaf spring mounted
Rear axle with differential mounted on leaf springs

Push back up to 50 tons MTOW
Drawbar pull 40 kN
Driving speed 30 km/h
Tank capacity 85 liter

Dead weight 6 000 kg
Length 3 230 mm (without rear draw bar)
Width 1 600 mm
Height 2 160 mm
Wheelbase 1 682 mm
Ground clearance 140 mm
Steering radius 4 000 mm (external gear)

Equipped with the following options :

  • Closed cab
  • Rear window protection grid
  • Safety rails at the front and back
  • Reverse warning Buzzer
  • Automatic step-by-step (for hitch assistance)
  • Roof light
  • 3-positions front hook
  • 5-fold trailer coupling at the rear E type
  • Working light
Type d’avionsMaximum Take Off Weight (MTOW)
Masse maxi au décollage
ATR 4218.600 kg
ATR 7221.500 kg
BAE 14646.040 kg
Canadair Regional Jet24.020 kg
Casa Iptn CN 23515.800 kg
Douglas DC 948.989 kg
Fokker 5022.110 kg
Fokker 7039.970 kg
Fokker 10045.850 kg
Saab 34013.155 kg
Saab 200022.800 kg
Tupolev TU 134 A49.000 kg
Bombardier Global Express41.300 kg
Dassault Falcon 5017.600 kg
Dassault Falcon 90021.970 kg
Dassault Falcon 200015.875 kg
Dassault Falcon 7X32.000 kg
Gulfstream V40.350 kg


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