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Towable stairways - Eras

Towable stairways

PT 18 equipped with solar panels

New equipment


Brand : SPS
Model : PT-18
Maximum platform height : 3.700 mm
Minimum platform height : 2.400 mm
Overall width : 1.930 mm
Overall length 7.467 mm
Tara Weight : 1.680 kg

Suitable for aircraft types :
A318 – A 319 –A 320 – A321
B707 – B727 – B737 – CL 44 – IL18 – L188 – TU 154




Steps number :18
Finish hot dip galvanized, powder coated
Painted aluminum side panels
Timon braked when the tow bar is in upright or downwards position to let passengers going up and down.
One lever to position the 2 stabilizers and so it unlocks the 1st stairstep.
Equipped with protection bumpers.
Swiveling platform for easy positioning to the plane.

Easy Lift option :

Manual hydraulic height adjustment with reinforced cylinders for easy and faster lifting.

Solar Option :

Energy provided by the solar panels implanted on the left and right, with battery and charger (if required), the battery has a significant autonomy.

Pedestrian control system for the last 10 meters: thanks to this motorized system only one person can position the stairs safely.
Distance sensors to avoid collision with the plane.