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Assistance et Maintenance Aéroportuaire

Nos certifications


In a constant willingness of continuous improvement, ERAS is involved in number of steps, aiming to improve our customers’ satisfaction and to evolve our expertise in order to remain leaders in our field of activities.


Discover our activity permits

ERAS owns permits for its activities allowing it to intervene in restricted area on the 3 main Paris airports :

aeroport bourget
aeroport cdg
aeroport orly


Decouvrez nos autorisations d’activite

It is with the goal of improving the quality that we are committed to the ISO 9001 certification process.
Our objectives are entirely part of the quality system and their success will be linked to our efficiency in processes management.
Our customers’ satisfaction is our primary goal. Improving our working methods as well as our ability to evolve will be essential to achieve this.
Our quality policy fits in the company’s strategy along the following lines

aeroport bourget

Development of new aeronautical jobs




Keeping the customer satisfaction


Holding the technical skills

The Executive Management and the process managers go hand with whole staff to integrate the necessary actions for this success.
To do so, it provides the means and resources required for the implementation of this policy, including the continuous improvement of our quality management system according to the ISO 9001 standard.
In accordance with the ISO 9001 standard evolution to a new ISO 9001-2015 version, Executive Management undertakes that all staff will be kept informed of upgraded version developments.


ERAS is extending its line of business activity to the aeronautical sector.

ERAS is approved PART 145 since 2017 for aeronautical maintenance operations related to cabin layout and cargo compartment (Rating C6) :
– Carts and storage cabinet
– Container / ULD : AKE, AKH, AAZ, …
– Horse stalls
– Bulk cargo nets

This approval allows ERAS to respond to other customer requests and to strengthen its quality management system with new regulatory requirements, including safety.

aeroport bourget


ERAS is embarking on an SMS: Safety Management System approach.

What is a Safety Management System?

It is a rational approach to safety that helps to manage security risks.
Ensure that events cannot happen, or if they come, try to cut down the severity of their consequences.
So, the role of an SMS is to control risk and to keep it at an acceptable level.
SMS is part of the corporate culture and the way people work.

Some advantages :
The ability to control the potential operational risks the company faces;
A clear and documented approach to the safe achievement of operations;
Establishing a positive safety culture;
Improving the operational efficiency;
An enhanced image in terms of safety;
A decrease in the cost associated with incidents over time;
An argument of defense in case of dispute.


Improve quality through rigorous methodology.

The ERAS team is engaged in a 5S approach with the aim of constantly Improving our working methods & the corporate performance at our customers service. The 5 S methodology comes from a list of 5 Japanese action verbs summarizing the essential tasks to be carried out to improve its workplace. Originally designed for the production workshops organization, this process is now used for the optimization of any professional space and contributes to the ERAS daily performance.