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Assistance et Maintenance Aéroportuaire

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Electromechanical engineer (H/F)

  • Jan, 04 2019
Electric CAP/BEP (or electrotechnic) training, you have a minimum of 5 years of experience, in the automotive environment, heavyweights or public works. Attached to the Head of Atelier (and his assistant), you will have the following main missions: Preventive and curative maintenance of all types of airport equipment; Analysis, troubleshooting and reconditioning of all types
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Mechanic : (H/F)on CDI

  • Jan, 04 2019
From CAP/ BEP/ Bac Pro training in mechanics, you justify a minimum experience of 3 years, in the airport environment, public works, heavy trucks or agricultural. You will be responsible for troubleshooting, reconditioning and maintenance of all types of airport equipment (handling tractors, elevating platforms, generators, etc.) with a thermal or electrical motor. Knowledge of